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Mattress Mack Offers Free Education At Gallery Furniture

Lots of lives and employment situations have changed over the past year.

Mattress Mack wants to help anyone looking to learn job skills, finding a job or just getting a high school diploma.

When you go to Gallery Furniture, you'll find a high school, a technical school and a preschool!

I'll start with the technical school. It's called WorkTexas.

This where you can earn a registered apprenticeship in things like auto tech, plumbing, electrical and more.

Gallery Furniture is also the home of Premier High School.

Students here will get certified in a trade as they earn their diploma, that way they can get right to work after graduation.

Mack also has an on-site preschool where attendees of WorkTexas and Premier can bring their kids.

And it's 100% free.

Getting an education without any student loans is going to be a great feeling.

You can learn more about WorkTexas HERE and Premier High School HERE.



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