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GiGi Meier Joins The Dana Tyson Podcast

Dana sat down with author GiGi Meier to talk about her most recent books Coyote and Tomlin and writing about important subject matters.

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After retiring from a thirty-year career in corporate America, GiGi Meier is delighted to be writing romance novels about strong female characters and their complicated, swoon-worthy men. She loves telling stories and figuring out why her characters do what they do. With heartbreaking angst, panty-dropping lust, and enviable love, her stories linger long after you close the book.

When GiGi is not eating over her laptop, she likes to spend time in the pool with her children, walk her furry babies, and film videos for Instagram and TikTok. Whether attending a book club or hosting a game night, she loves connecting with new people and making friends.




Books by GiGi Meier: Coyote and Tomlin

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