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Things Teens In The 90s Did That Teens Today Won't Experience

Did you ever watch That 70s Show when it was on TV?

I always thought it was pretty good and funny.

Well, some of those characters are back in That '90s Show on Netflix...

Now that the spinoff has premiered, there's a whole discussion of how kids today are different than kids from the '90s.

Here are some examples of experiences kids from today are going to miss out on:

-Leaving home without a phone - Back in the 90's, kids didn't have anything but a watch and maybe a pager. If a kid from today leaves home without their phone, they either forgot it or they're taking a short break from it.

-Memorizing phone numbers - Back in the day, we all had to memorize phone numbers for our friends, parents and other important people. Growing up, we had a little notepad next to our landline where we would write numbers or take messages. The phone book was always readily available too. Now, kids can just store the numbers in their phone.

-Standing in line for concert tickets - Yep, we used to go to a physical ticket vendor to get concert tickets. We also had to get their really early to line up for them. I remember spending the night at Willowbrook Mall just to be among the first in line for Garth Brooks tickets.

-CD towers - We all had a pretty sweet collection of compact discs and we had to find a way to display them. CD towers were pretty popular. My friend had one that had a cool spiral pattern to it. Now, kids can just download a song or stream it. No towers necessary.

-Buying a whole album for one song - If we heard a song we liked back then, we would have to track down the single. If you couldn't find that, you could just head to Sound Warehouse or Sam Goody to buy the album. Now, kids can just get that one song anytime they want in an app store.

-Spending all day at the mall - Believe it or not, malls were the place to hang out. I would get dropped off with only a few bucks and hang out all day with my friends. We spent most of our time at the arcade and the food court. Nowadays, malls aren't as fun as they used to be. A lot of kids can just buy what they want online instead of going to a physical store.

-Making a mixtape - Having a cassette with all your favorite songs on it was awesome! A lot of love and thought went into sharing your curated playlist with someone else. I used to draw a customized cover or stylized border for any mixtapes I handed out. Digital playlists are still cool, but it's not the same.

Eventually, some of our favorite things from the 90's would start phasing out. I remember getting a Discman and no longer needing my Walkman. Being able to burn my own CD's was awesome. My first email address was from Juno.

What are some things from the '90's you miss doing?


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