Dana & Jay in the Morning

Dana & Jay in the Morning

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Monday Morning Recap

-Win A Family Vacation To Florida (LINK)

-Taylor Swift Tops List Of Celebrities With Highest Private Jet Carbon Emissions (LINK)

-Texas Man Sets World Record For Lagest Sonic The Hedgehog Collection (LINK)

-24 Year-Old, Victor Robles, Hits Houston Streets Looking For A Kidney Donor (LINK)

-Name An Animal, Other Than A Dog, That You've Been Chased By (LINK)

-Bun B. Wins Good Morning America's Best Burger In America (LINK)

-Nearly Impossible Question: 40% of us say we are more productive when our work environment has THIS. What is it?


-NIQ Winner: Debra B. in Sugar Land won tickets to see Rick Springfield, Men At Work and John Waite!

-Couples Say The Key To A Happy Marriage Is The 2-2-2 Rule (LINK)

-Name That Tune Winner: Jennifer L. in Spring won $100 and qualified for a Florida vacation for identifying Royals in four notes!

-Battle Of The Burbs Winner: Yolanda G. in Pasadena won tickets to see Imagine Dragons!


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