Dana & Jay in the Morning

Dana & Jay in the Morning

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Thursday Morning Recap

-Win $1000 Inflation Compensation (LINK)

-Former Manager Raises Money To Repay Gas Station, After Charging 69 Cent-Per-Gallon, But They Refuse (LINK)

-Rear Seat Safety Alarms To Be Standard In New Vehicles By 2025 (LINK)

-Meteorologist Jeff Lindner Retweets About Melting Asphalt (LINK)

-City Acre Brewing Saved From Closing (LINK)

-What's The Best Vacation You've Ever Taken? (LINK)

-Nearly Impossible Question: 33% of married Americans say their spouse has THIS annoying nighttime habit. What is it?

(***Stealing the covers***)

-NIQ Winner: No Winner Today!

-Name That Tune Winner: Joe C. in Pasadena won tickets to see Frozen at The Hobby Center for identifying Get Lucky in seven notes!

-Battle Of The Burbs Winner: Rod T. in Kingwood won $100 and qualified for a Florida vacation!


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