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KFC Is Now Giving Away Finger Sporks

We have now reached the pinnacle of human creation.

KFC has invented Finger Sporks...

Yes, they look a little strange, but they are entirely functional.

All you do is slide your finger into the base and enjoy your sides.

Every Finger Spork has been carefully crafted and pressure tested for the optimal finger lickin' good experience.

People are pretty excited about these.

Some of the comments include:

  • Kids are going to love it
  • A pair is not enough, I need 10
  • Perfect for my toddler! That way he can still use his fingers to eat
  • The colonel is so weird
  • Not a joke, nice!

Again....they are real....and you can get a pair today.

Between now and July 12, you can get two Finger Sporks (while supplies last) when you order the KFC Sides Lovers Meal.

That includes eight pieces of fried chicken or tenders, three large sides and four biscuits.

You can read the official press release HERE.

If my kids see this, they are going to be all about it.


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