New Breggy Bomb Flavors, BBQ Sauces And Rubs From Alex Bregman

Aw yeah!

In case you don't know, Breggy Bomb is the salsa from Astros third baseman Alex Bregman.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

And it is really tasty stuff!

If you saw the pregame coverage from the Texas Bowl, you may have seen Alex tailgating with fans.

Some of those fans got a sneak preview of his new BBQ sauces and rubs!

There's an original BBQ sauce and a Swamp sauce.

The rubs include El Jefe for steaks, pork & barbacoa and Brush Dust for fish & poultry.

And there's more to come!

I can't wait to hear more about the new condiments, taco sauces and salsa verde.

Let me know if you come across these new products in stores.

They should be showing up any time now.

You can learn more about Breggy Bomb HERE.




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