Man eats Whataburger for weeks to create his ideal Christmas tree

Noe Gasca of Port Isabel ate at Whataburger for two solid weeks in November to collect enough of the chain's paraphernalia to decorate his Christmas tree.

Gasca, 31, says he spent about $300 to gather a collection of empty Styrofoam cups, french fry containers, and burger wrappers from the restaurant.

Gasca says he loves the San Antonio-based chain and thoroughly cleaned up all the items before hanging them on his tree.

"I can eat it literally for breakfast, lunch, and dinner," Gasca says. He washed most meals down with Dr Pepper.

To round out the tree's theme, he added a bit of ribbon and a custom-made sign for the top.

A photo of the tree on the Whataburger Fanatics Facebook group has been shared more than 9,000 times.

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