Jay's Weekend In Five Pictures 11/26-11/28

That long holiday weekend sure did feel good.

Before I show pictures of some of the things I did from my weekend, I need to ask you something.

Did you catch the iHeartRadio Holiday Special?

It was really good.

You can watch it here...

I watched it in VR on my Oculus and that was pretty impressive.

Understandably, I couldn't take screenshots or share video but I'm looking forward to more concerts like this.

Now, on with the weekend....

Julie made a purchase on Black Friday!

I was hoping for an Xbox Series X, but we didn't get one.

She bought this Ring doorbell...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

We've talked about getting one for a while and she finally did it.

I installed it shortly after it arrived.

Here's a screenshot from one of our first visitors...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

That's me and my cat, Max.

A new doorbell wasn't the only thing on Julie's list.

She also needed more Black Box Merlot!

It's her favorite.

We were greeted with this at every store we visited...

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston


What's up with that?!

We went to several stores and came up empty.

She's currently on her last box, so there's still time to track some down before she reaches total panic mode.

On Sunday, we went to my Dad's house.

His cat, Chloe, broke her leg and just had surgery.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

She's a good cat and we all felt bad for her.

Nobody knows how she got hurt, but at least she's on the mend.

Finally, Julie and I finished another puzzle!

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

That's a 1000-piece puzzle from Ceaco featuring Mickey's Victorian Christmas.

We picked up a bunch of Christmas-themed Disney puzzles at Kohl's & Target, so we'll be working on those for the rest of the year.

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading.



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