Baytown Man Attaches Fully Functional BBQ Pit To His Car

I've heard of food trucks, but never a food car!

A man in Baytown has attached a full-sized, fully functional smoker to his car and he's gone viral on TikTok!

That's Bennie Finnels.

He needed a way to earn money to support his family, and since he loves to cook, he attached his BBQ pit to his car and hit the road.

I'll admit, that's pretty cool...and it looks delicious!

He's been serving food all over Baytown.

Everyone loves Bennie & his BBQ and he loves them right back.

Channel 2 recently did a story on him....

I think this man is awesome.

Not only is he a good cook, but he's already overcome so much in his life and he's never given up.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Bennie buy a proper food truck with a new BBQ pit.

You can help him out HERE.



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