Watch the trailer for 'American Underdog The Kurt Warner Story'

If you're a fan of football, then I'm sure you already know who Kurt Warner is.

He was an NFL quarterback for the St. Louis Rams.

He played for the Giants and the Cardinals too.

He's also got one of the greatest stories in NFL history and it's become a movie!

Kurt went undrafted, worked at a grocery store and eventually led the St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl.

At one point, he was signed by the Packers, but was released before the season started.

That's when he went back to work for $5.50/hr at a grocery store in Iowa.

Through all of that, he never gave up on his faith and he never gave up on his abilities.

He had a short, but effective stint in the arena league.

In 1998, the St. Louis Rams signed him to be their back-up quarterback.

That opportunity would eventually lead to a starting position and a trip to the Super Bowl!

If that video won't play, just CLICK HERE to watch it. HERE is another great one to watch.

Everyone remembers the "one yard short" Titans drive that sealed their fate.

That wasn't all for Kurt.

He went on to play for the Cardinals and had more success there in Arizona.

American Underdog will be in theaters on Christmas day and I can't wait to watch it.


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