I Took My Family To The Light Park In Katy

If you love Christmas lights, make sure you don't miss The Light Park.

I told you it was coming to town. You can read that blog HERE.

Over the weekend, I gathered my family in the car and we went to check it out.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

We went to The Light Park located in the parking lot of Typhoon Texas in Katy.

The pictures we took don't really tell the full story.

The whole experience is incredibly bright and a lot of the lights are flashing.

That's why it looks like the bows are missing from the wreaths in my pics.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

You'll drive across really long pathways lit up with all kinds of holiday goodness.

You'll see cool things like elves that dab & floss, digital kids singing and a shout-out to the lone star state!

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

Make sure to turn your headlights off as you begin.

There are plenty of cool tunnels to drive through as well.

The Light Park is actually home to the world's largest light tunnel!

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

The lights are all synchronized to music, so make sure to tune your radio to the right station.

It's a really good remix with lots of thunderous bass.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

I wish I had recorded video, but I didn't want to spoil anything for anyone.

My wife loved the gingerbread characters.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

Other things you'll come across include a salute to our armed forces, a gigantic Christmas tree and the Bernie meme.

As you make your way to the end, keep an eye out for Santa and his reindeer!

In conclusion, we loved it!

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

We're already planning to go back in a couple weeks.

You can visit The Light Park in Spring and in Katy.

Find out more about it and get tickets HERE.


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