Tell Me Something Good: Michal Wins Homecoming King!

My son Michal goes to Frank Black Middle School and recently ran for 7th grade Homecoming Prince. Michal is a very social, fun loving type guy who loves sports, photography, cooking/baking, school and also just happens to have Down Syndrome. This has never stopped him. He did not win, but got many votes and loved participating and seeing his posters on the walls. I got a call Tuesday morning asking me if we were going to the game. I said, maybe. The teacher who called me said make sure you are there. The student who won 7th grade Prince wants to honor Michal!

We rearranged everything to be at the game and when we got there he was introduced as a part of the Homecoming Court. The elected Prince, named Justin, gave my son his crown in front of the homecoming crowd. He was all smiles and had such a fantastic night!

We were able to return the favor and thank Justin that Friday with some photos of that night, a thank you card, and some special Halloween Treats with the help of our awesome Principal Mrs. Honore.

THIS is what inclusion is all about! Go Panthers! # morealikethandifferent

Jessica Chaloupka

Michal's Mom

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