Watch White Sox Fans Try Breggy Bomb Salsa

I really enjoyed watching this.

Adam Winkler is a sports reporter on channel 13 and he's covering the ALDS in Chicago.

And he's a brave man.

He disguised a jar of Breggy Bomb salsa and asked White Sox fans to try it.

I love the lady at the end.

She didn't care who made it...a delicious salsa is a delicious salsa.

That was a very creative, fun video.

Great job Adam!

You can learn more about him HERE.

Back when the salsa came out, we tried it here at the radio station.

Photo: Jay Rodriguez KODA-FM Houston

We like it!

I found it at HEB, but I've also seen it at Kroger.

I haven't come across the "Hot" flavor yet.

It probably sells pretty quickly.

You can get more info about Breggy Bomb Salsa HERE.



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