Watch the trailer for 'Red Rocket,' filmed in Texas City

When I learned that Red Rocket was filmed in Texas City, it immediately got my attention.

Don't watch this trailer with kids around!

Simon Rex plays an adult film actor who returns home to Texas City, only to find out he wasn't necessarily missed.

You can learn more about the film HERE.

Interestingly enough, Red Rocket isn't the only movie that was filmed in the Houston area.

I think anyone who has lived here for a while will say Terms of Endearment...

I never actually saw that or the sequel, The Evening Star.

One movie I made sure to see was Robocop 2...

Watching that trailer, you can easily spot the George R. Brown Convention Center and the Wortham Theatre.

I remember riding in the Moonlight Bicycle Ramble back then and coming up on a crowd.

That crowd was watching a scene being filmed in front of the Wortham Centre, which was covered in OCP banners.

I didn't see a whole lot, but I did see Robocop walking around. That was all I needed.

Another great movie filmed here is Rushmore....

I forget which radio station I was working for at the time, but I remember all kinds of listeners calling in with Bill Murray sightings.

Another big deal in town was Armageddon...

Watching this movie, you might recognize Ellington Field and Johnson Space Center.

Other movies that shot here are Logan's Run, Reality Bites, Apollo 13, Urban Cowboy and Friday Night Lights.

There's a bunch, but those are just a few I can think of right now.

Can you think of some more?


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