New TikTok Trend Has Students Stealing School Equipment

TikTok can be really entertaining...but it can also be pretty stupid.

One of the latest trends is something called Devious Licks.

In this case, a "lick" is defined as a successful theft.

This trend has students stealing equipment from their schools and posting it on their account.

This has snowballed into students trying to one-up each other by stealing bigger, more expensive items.

This kid took a paper towel dispenser...

I'd love to have a paper towel dispenser in my home, but I'm not going to go steal one.

This student brought home a projector....

The trend started small with kids taking things like pens, plastic spoons and soap.

This kid stole a shield for toilet paper rolls...

This dumb trend has gotten so bad that schools are starting to issue warnings.

Here's a few....

Even these warnings have begun to go viral.

Here's one....

And yes, this TikTok trend has begun to hit Texas schools.

A news station in San Antonio already did a story on it. You can read it HERE.

TikTok has now made the #deviouslick inaccessible, but the kids are still posting.

Some of them are replacing the word "devious" with other words like "dubious" or "nefarious".

Parents are encouraged to talk to their kids about this trend. Schools and authorities are taking it very seriously.


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