Houston Chef Kolby Kash On TikTok and "Top Chef Amateurs"

The premiere of Top Chef Amateurs is Thursday July 1st.

Here's a preview....

One of those contestants is from Houston!

His name is Kolby Chandler.

Learn more about his appearance on the show HERE.

You may have seen him on TikTok as Kolby Kash.

He'll teach you how to cook awesome food in short, easy-to-follow, entertaining videos.

Like so many of us, during the big quarantine of 2020, Kolby was stuck working from home.

To help pass the time, he started making cooking videos and sharing them on social media.

Now, he has almost half a million followers!

Way to go Kolby!

You can learn more about Kolby HERE & HERE and follow him on TikTok HERE.

Be sure to root for him on Top Chef Amateurs July 1st.