Alex Bregman and Paul Wall in new short film for Breggy Bomb Salsa

We're getting closer to the release of Alex Bregman's new salsa!

It's called Breggy Bomb and we wrote about it HERE back in early April.

Our co-worker Matt Thomas asked Bregman about it a couple weeks ago. You can listen to that interview HERE.

Looks like Alex is having a little fun with the marketing.

Check out this cool video....

" fault, my fault"

I thought that line was so funny.

That video's giving me some Breaking Bad vibes.

There's a lot of Houston in that Salsa Fuego work of art.

It's always cool to see the great Paul Wall....

And who knew Andre Scrubb and Dr. Casey Ho were such intimidating bodyguards?

I can't wait for episode two.

I hope we see more ball players exercising their acting chops.

You can preorder the Breggy Bomb Salsa HERE.