Dana's Week In 4 Pictures

My Week Started Great With Chief Troy Finner But Then It Took A Turn For the Worse!

Now I know why we can't wait for the weekend! My week began with this ominous message on my car as I was driving out to the Hill Country...WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS MEAN? I took this pic and sent to my husband who said, "No Biggie!" Alright, if you say so, onwards I went! (No really what does the car message mean?)

These babies were wondering who the heck is this lady? I was trying to see how close I could get before I freaked them out...TOO LATE! BTW these are New Ulm cows!

After the cows dissed me, I thought I'd try bareback riding... NO LUCK! (I think I spooked Carlos the horse too)

It was super fun in the country but I admit I was glad to be back in the city so I could cheer on our ASTROS! Who's ready for some baseball???