PAC-MAN 99 comes to Nintendo Switch today

If you love OG PAC-MAN and own a Nintendo Switch - you need to check out PAC-MAN 99! Described as a battle royale style of PAC-MAN, this online game will pit you against 99 other players in a fast paced game to see who's the last one standing and it looks WILD

You will need a subscription to their Nintendo Switch Online service, but if you or your kids are gamers - there's a good chance you may have this already. I don't always play online, but it was only $20 for the whole year so it's actually a pretty good deal. Once you have the subscription, you'll be able to download this game and play for FREE with your membership. What's cool is that PAC-MAN 99 is the latest of exclusive games Nintendo has been rolling out to try and entice players to try their online service....if you love old school Tetris, they have an updated version called Tetris 99 (pitting you against 99 other players of course) and their most recent offering was Mario 35 in honor of the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario Bro. games. I like that these new iterations offer up a fun new spin on these classic games a lot of us grew up with and they can be REALLY challenging too.

Quick humble brag - the Mario 35 game isn't available anymore as it was just a temporary offering for the anniversary, but before they pulled it from their online service - I actually did manage to take a FIRST place!