Plane Spotting Is Pretty Popular At Bush Airport In Houston

Aircraft spotting, or plane spotting, is becoming a pretty popular hobby in Houston.

If you're not sure what that is, it's where you park at a location and photograph planes in flight.

There's a great spot at George Bush Intercontinental Airport where you can get really close to planes coming in for a landing.

It's on Lee road at the approach end of runway 27.

This location on Lee road is the only official spotting area for the public.

A lot of people will just stop by, hang out and watch the planes come in.

Parents who bring their kids say they love it!

Here's a video that was shot at the hill location on Rankin road and on top of of one of the garages.

Sadly, the Rankin road location isn't open anymore.

Ask anyone whose done it and they'll tell you that plane spotting is just cool to see, fun to imagine who's flying where and they get great pictures.

The video below was shot while parked on top of the parking garage for Terminal A/B.

If you choose to park on the garage to take pictures, you'll have to call ahead before you get there. You can call security at 281-230-1300.

You can learn more about these plane spotting locations HERE and HERE.

If you go, keep in mind that it may be pretty loud at times, so take some ear protection just in case.