The Astros Helping Houstonians Affected By The Winter Storm

The Astros have been showing their love for the people of Houston by helping those affected by the winter storm.

I just wanted to post a few examples.

I'll start with Alex Bregman.

Alex and his wife Reagan made sure Houstonians got bottled water

Other Astros players joined in as well.

Michael & Melissa Brantley, Ryan & Kat Pressly and Joe Smith & Allie LaForce were also part of the massive water distribution at Butler stadium.

In addition to water, Lance McCullers and his wife Kara, pledged $150,000 to the relief effort.

He also helped out our furry friends affected by the storm.

Lance made sure lots of organizations (like Rollin' Vets, Rescued Pets Movement, Houston PetSet, PetCo Foundation and more) were able to provide water, food and veterinary help to the animals in need.

Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve teamed up to provide more than 25,000 meals for hungry families.

Kids Meals Houston will help distribute those.

If you'd like to help Kids Meals with food, you can do that HERE.

Carlos and his wife Daniella have also provided meals for law enforcement and public employees .

You can help them out by donating HERE.

The Astros players and their significant others are some truly great human beings.

You can read more about the Astros relief efforts HERE.