O' Day Hardware In Pearland Is Ready To Help

I think everyone in Pearland already knows how incredible the folks at O' Day Hardware on Broadway are.

Now, everyone in the Houston area is going to know!

Suzanne Elliott is the owner and she was recently on TV talking about how they're serving the community after the freeze...

Houstonians always come together in times of need. We hear that a lot because it's absolutely true.

One of the things I loved in that video is hearing Suzanne talk about how the customers were helping each other as they shopped and waited.

You can check out O' Day Hardware online HERE.

In my neighborhood, we had people who jumped at the chance to help.

My neighbor, John, pulled every piece of PVC pipe & fittings from his garage just to hand them out to anyone who needs them.

My other neighbor, Jake, was one of the go-to fix-it guys on our street when no one could get to us.

If you know of a neighbor helping a neighbor, tell us about them in the comments.