Girl Scout Cookie Sneakers Are Coming to Make Your Shoe Game a Lot Sweeter

Girl Scouts USA and K-Swiss have partnered up to launch a new cookie-inspired shoe line: Girl Scout x K-Swiss Court 66. The collection features three fresh sneaker designs inspired by some of the Girl Scouts' most beloved cookies — Trefoils, Caramel deLites/Samosas, and Thin Mints.

"At K-Swiss we believe that entrepreneurship is the new aspiration of young people, our target audience," Barney Waters, President of K-swiss said in a press release. "The Girl Scout cookie program teaches important lessons of entrepreneurship early on, and so it was a program we wanted to support in a creative way."

The Trefoils-inspired shoes feature a light-tan premium soft suede material and are embossed with the cookie's signature design on the side. The Caramel deLites-inspired shoes are burnt-orange in color with magenta laces to match the cookies' box. Finally, the Thin Mints-inspired shoes feature a delicate mint green colored suede material that is studded with brown dots along the lining.

The collection will be available starting March 1 at, and

Photo: K-Swiss