This Failed Ed Sheeran Audition Is Going Viral Again

This video of a failed audition has begun to go viral again.

Ed Sheeran was only sixteen years old when this audition came around.

Nobody knew who he was. He wasn't the mega star that he is today.

Back in 2008, Ed was auditioning for a show called Britannia High. It's a musical similar to Glee and Fame.

The participants didn't just need acting skills, they also had to sing and dance.

How did Ed do? Watch this....

Well what did you think?

None of those decision-makers seemed to be impressed with his dancing.

Ed wasn't either.

But they loved his singing and guitar playing!

Even though it didn't work out, this is one of those experiences that would eventually lead Ed to greatness.

And in case you're wondering about his acting skills, he's been in several films and TV shows like Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Yesterday (one of my favorites)...

This is a perfect example of never giving up when you're told "no".

His dancing may not have improved much though, but that's okay.



Dana has reminded me that her man (Ed) was a fantastic dancer in the video for Thinking Out Loud. She's right. He was awesome in that. You can see that video HERE.

And you can watch a behind-the-scenes video below.