The Today Show Honored And Surprised A Houston Firefighter

A Houston firefighter at Station 83 was featured on The Today Show yesterday!

Josue Rios has been a firefighter for more than a decade. He's been on the frontlines every day helping others, even during the pandemic.

But it hasn't been easy for him and his family.

Josue and his wife both battled COVID-19, he lost his Fire Captain to the virus and he's been working a second job.

Eventually, Josue recovered and was able to work again.

Envoy Mortgage wanted to share their appreciation for Josue and his family and they surprised him on national TV....

A full year of mortgage payments paid in full!

That is going to go a long way.

But Envoy Mortgage didn't stop there.

They also honored two other Houstonians.

Lakeisa Vercher, a nursing home assistant at Woodbridge Nursing Home and Jenny Timberlake, a special education teacher at George Ranch High School.

Envoy Mortgage says they're going to keep doing this over the next few months.

That is very cool.