Comedian Chinedu Ogu Jokes About Life In Houston

If you love to laugh, you'll love Chinedu Ogu!

You may have seen him on channel 11 or on social media.

He's all about Houston.

He was born & raised here, went to U of H and loves to joke about his life experiences in H-Town.

His comedy is something we can all relate to.

For example, he's done bits about Whataburger being sold, Walking through Houston neighborhoods, being from Galveston and so much more.

Chinedu knew comedy was his career when he performed in a talent show in high school.

He had everyone laughing and never looked back.

He's got a new tour booked for 2021.

It's called "Expect Delays" and it'll travel through the Houston area quite a bit.

You can learn more about Chinedu HERE and HERE.

If you'd like to see more of his comedy, just click HERE.