Pet Owner Drills Holes in Fence So 2 Dogs Can See Through [VIDEO]

A viral video on TikTok this week showed a pair of dogs sticking their snouts through holes that had been drilled through a fence, along with eye holes so they can see what’s happening on the other side of the fence.

“Mommy is home,” the TikToker captioned the video. It shows her walking up a home’s driveway before the dogs show up to see who’s coming.

“Hi,” the Australian woman recording the funny video says when the first dog appears through the fence. “Hello,” she says, laughing as the second dog pops up too.

The video drew more than 15 million views and millions more likes and comments,Peoplereported.

Many commenters left positive messages on the post, including some who said they wanted to do something similar for their own dogs.

“This is so cool,” one TikToker wrote.

A second user noted that the holes have an extra function: the dogs can’t bark when they’re looking through them.

“Best thing I’ve seen on TikTok,” wrote another.

The TikToker who uploaded it, liltroubless, has since deleted the post but reuploaded the video to YouTube.

Photo: Getty Images