Man On Balcony With Bullhorn Calls Astros Cheaters During ALCS

The Astros are really something special.

They are currently playing the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALCS and every game has been a battle.

In game 5, the Astros won with a walk-off homerun from Carlos Correa...

That homer was amazing!

With all eyes watching the action on the field, there's actually a guy making news...above it.

That is a guy named Tim Kanter.

He's made it a priority to troll the Astros with his bullhorn.

"If this had been a normal year without Covid, then the Astros would have heard this hundreds of times by now. I thought it was a big enough stage to get that point across and hopefully just drive home that point because the apologies that the Astros have offered up to this point have been unimpressive, and also about the lack of any sort of punishment to the players directly."

His balcony overlooks the field and players can hear everything since no fans are at the games.

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