Taste Buds Cereal Bar Opening This Month In Katy

In my house, Froot Loops with marshmallows reigns supreme, but I prefer Honey Nut Cheerios.

Now we can try different things because Katy's first cereal bar is opening this month!

What's a cereal bar? It's a place where you can try various kinds of cereal and special cereal creations.

Courtney and Jazmin Thomas are two cereal lovers who have traveled the world looking for cool and awesome food creations.

And now, they are opening up Taste Buds Cereal Bar!

You can try a bunch of the normal brands we see on store shelves as well as rare cereals.

Mix it up and customize your bowl as much as you like. You can even get a cereal shake or smoothie! And don't forget to try the special Taste Bud Creations.

The two-week soft opening will begin on June 19th and you can them at 1801 N. Mason rd. in Katy.

You can learn more about Taste Buds Cereal Bar by clicking HERE.



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