Thanksgiving: Turkey Frying Dad Screams at Kid to “Stay Inside”!

Turkey Frying Dad Screams at Kid to “Stay Inside”!

A woman was filming her husband's first time using a turkey fryer. They're in the yard and just as he's about to drop it in the hot oil, their young daughter comes out of the house and stands way too close. They both tell her to "stay inside" but she kind of freezes . . . so the dad has to SCREAM it, and that time it works.

The Fun Police: The dad says [J.C.] at 0:12 in the video.

How NOT To Fry A Turkey!

A turkey being dropped in a fryer, and it starts a fire. (It's a 2015 warning video from the Consumer Products Safety Commission.)

Which Do You Prefer on Thanksgiving: Dark Meat or White Meat?

Odds are you'll be eating turkey two days from now. Possibly a TON of turkey. So . . . are you a dark meat person or a white meat person?

According to a new survey, 50% of people say they prefer white meat, 32% like dark meat better, 8% aren't sure, and the other 10% don't eat turkey. 

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15% of Families Have Had Someone Injure Themselves Carving a Turkey

Nothing ruins a Thanksgiving dinner like needing to make a trip to Urgent Care. Except maybe someone serving Brussels sprouts. I'm not sure which is worse.

15% of people say someone in their family has gotten INJURED while they were carving the turkey at Thanksgiving, according to a new survey.

The survey also found the three most popular things to talk about during Thanksgiving dinner are: Good news about the family . . . Black Friday shopping . . . and Christmas. 

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Two Turkeys Will Be Pardoned By President Trump Today

President Trump is going to keep a pair of turkeys from Thanksgiving feasts this year.

The annual turkey pardon ceremony takes place today at the White House. The two candidates competing for the title of "National Thanksgiving turkey" are Bread and Butter.

The two male birds come from North Carolina, and enjoyed a stay at the Willard Hotel ahead of the event. The White House says the first turkey pardon was granted by Abraham Lincoln and continued “in jest” until 1989 when George H.W. Bush made it official.

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