The KFC Colonel Sanders Dating Simulator Looks Finger-Lickin' Good

Finally, a dating simulator for anyone who loves buckets of chicken!

From the great gaming minds at KFC comes the world's very first Colonel Sanders dating simulator.

Yes it's real and it comes out this month.

Check it out...


In the game, you play a culinary student who needs to work with, befriend and eventually date a young, handsome Colonel Sanders.

According to the creators, the game also features:

-Nine lovable characters

-Multiple hours of play-through

-A secret ending

-Secret recipes

-Cooking battles

-11 Herbs and Spices

-Cute miniature food

and more!

You'll find it on Steam available September 24th.

Learn more about it HERE.

As a gamer and lover of KFC myself, I'm intrigued by this creation.

Burger King used to have some Xbox games. Do you remember THESE?

Now, all I need is a McDonald's Battle Royale...with cheese. Or a Chick-Fil-A/Popeye's Sandwich Wars RPG.


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