Batman Escorts Bullied Little Girl To School

Lydia Calculli is a 3-year old girl who loves superheroes, going to school and playing outside.

Her mom, Erica, says she began to come home with marks & bruises and feeling upset. Lydia wasn't her normal self and Erica suspected bullying.

Erica reported what was happening and her suspicions, but nothing changed.

So, she posted the story on social media...and Batman replied!


That's Jack Asbury III, otherwise known as the Batman of Spring Hill.

You can like him on Facebook HERE.

He loves to make kids happy and is always doing stuff like this.


If you'd like to support Jack as he continues to help kids, you can do that HERE.

Erica says she is so grateful for Jack, and her daughter is doing so much better since the visit.

What a great story.

The Houston area used to have its own Caped Crusader, but he has since moved on to help children in Canada.

I got to work with him on a few occasions and it was always fun.


I love seeing stories like this.

You can read more about it HERE and HERE.



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