Houston Women with Dana Tyson & Theresa RockFace of 94.5 The BUZZ

Theresa is on air on 94.5 The Buzz middays, Monday – Friday 10am to 3pm. Theresa was born on the 4th of July and says she is a true Cancer: cranky, passionate and a great friend. Theresa is among the top bloggers across the entire iHeartRadio Network, Her social media game is a big part of what drives people to her blog!

Her favorite music includes Berlin (not the “Top Gun" song).She adores Chevelle, Weezer, Tool/A Perfect Circle, Distillers, and Nirvana. She loves 80s punk music and chick punk. Theresa is secretly an 80s Metal fan. “Music is like Vodka Soup for the soul.” states Theresa.

She has a loyal social media following across multiple platforms, and connects with her fans, followers and listeners every day.

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