Houston Women w/ Dana Tyson: Luxury + Lifestyle Blogger Kristina Braly

Dana Tyson has a new podcast series celebrating and meeting powerful Houston women that are leaders and pioneers in their fields. Do you have someone you'd like to hear on the podcast? Want to be a guest? Email DanaTyson@iheartmedia.com

Dana's latest guest is Kristina: a mom, wife, YouTuber, blogger, and Board-Certified Physician Anesthesiologist (MD). She met her husband, “HB” in medical school, when she started blogging after the loss of her brother Erik. They got engaged in 2011, and married in 2012. They lived briefly in North Carolina (2016/2017) for HB’s fellowship (he’s also a physician) and came back to Houston, Texas just in time for Hurricane Harvey! Harper, their daughter, was born in Nov 2017 and she has been the biggest blessing of their entire lives. Kristina makes videos about Luxury (she's a lil bit addicted!), lifestyle, beauty, technology, medicine, and vlogs a LOT!

Visit her website kristinabraly.com and follow her on...

YouTube youtube.com/kristinabraly

Twitter twitter.com/KristinaBraly

Instagram instagram.com/kristinabraly

Facebook facebook.com/kristinabraly

Pinterest pinterest.com/kristinabraly

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