George Springer & Paul Rudd Working Together On New Documentary

George Springer does so much great work on the field for the Houston Astros, but he also does so much more off the field too!

In addition to being a great baseball player, he's also executive producing a new documentary called My Beautiful Stutter.

Springer's experience with stuttering are pretty well known so you can see why this project is important to him.

This documentary tells the story of five young kids living with a stutter and how they deal with it every day. It follows their journey from being bullied to bravery.


If you'd like to see some of the footage from the film, just click the red button HERE. Make sure you enter the password right below it.

I got to work an event with George and SAY back in July of last year and it was pretty cool. I got to meet some of the kids and learn about Camp SAY. A lot of Springer's teammates showed up to help out too.


You can read more about My Beautiful Stutter by clicking HERE.

Screenings for the film are being announced all the time, you can click HERE for more information and screening info.

This is a great organization, a fantastic documentary and a wonderful way to support these kids.



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