Check Out Dana's Valentines Poem To Her Husband

Top Valentine's Day Google Searches in Each State

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day quickly approaches this week. Lovers across the country are looking to Google for a little guidance on the holiday.

Satellite Internet made a map of all of the top Valentine's related searches in each state.

Some of the top searches are sweet like Mississippi searching for "quote about love" or Vermont looking for "Ben and Jerry's."

Some are concerning like Arizona and Tennessee searching "venereal disease."

Other states just seem lonely with California and Florida searching for "Friendship Day" and Idaho and Wyoming looking up dating apps.

Texas is maybe a mix of all these categories with the top search being "Dirty Valentine's Poems."

Full story here:

this is Dana's:

The food you cook for me

Makes me think that we

Should stay together forever

More brisket

More Salmon

More spaghetti and meat


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