Houston Is Getting A New Football Team

The XFL is coming to Houston!


You may remember when the XFL debuted back in 2001. Some people believe XFL stands for Extreme Football league, but the X doesn't really mean anything. The league was started by WWF owner Vince McMahon and only lasted one season. 

The whole story behind that is really interesting. You can read more about that HERE. ESPN even did a great 30 For 30 on the XFL which featured the rise and fall of the league. 


Anyways, the XFL is being revived and this time, they promise to do things the right way.

Oliver Luck is the XFL Commissioner and announced the eight cities that will host teams...


The XFL will hit the field in 2020 and season tickets are already on sale.

We don't have a team name yet, but you can already buy merchandise!

You can get more info HERE.

I'm pretty excited about it. Yes, the first time around was a bit of a debacle but it created new things that the NFL still uses today (ex: microphones on players, overhead cameras) and it seems like Vince McMahon really wants to do things properly.



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