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Houston Couple Creates Beer For Dogs

Megan & Steve Long are Houstonians who love animals.

One of their dogs is very sensitive to foods and allergies, so they had to be creative with his diet.

That creativity led to the invention of Good Boy Dog Beer!

The dog beers are non-alcoholic and come in several varieties including chicken, veggie and pork.

Yes, humans can drink it, but we probably wouldn't like it. After all, it is specially made for a doggie palate.

Right now, Good Boy Dog Beer can be found in 15 bars across Houston with more to come, I'm sure.

You can read more about Megan & Steve's story here, here and here.

I'll have to pick some up and see if my dog, Tucker, likes it. He lives in a house with four cats so I'm sure he could use a drink.



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