Bryan Adams Talks About His Relationship With Princess Diana

Bryan Adams is my all-time favorite artist.

He was just on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and he did a segment called Plead The Fifth.

In this segment, he can only refuse to answer one question.

Well, Andy asked him about his relationship with Princess Diana....

**BE CAREFUL...Andy gets a little vulgar at first, so I started this video at :50**


He would "just roll up"?! This guy has always been so smooth around the ladies.

It's long been rumored that Princess Diana and Bryan Adams had a relationship, but it was never really talked about openly. There was so much gossip about it that supposedly, he wasn't allowed anywhere near the homestead.

But there were also plenty of little nuances that kept fueling those rumors. One of which is his awesome song Diana which you can see here....


I really like that song. Sadly, Bryan doesn't perform it in concert anymore, nor has he put it on any album. It ended up being a B-side for the Heaven single in some countries.

I've had the chance to talk with Bryan a few times and I never would have asked such a personal question like that, but kudos to Andy Cohen for doing it...And kudos again to Bryan for answering it!

Any chance we'll see this play out on The Crown on Netflix? Probably not.

I'll keep you posted on the next time my boy comes to town.


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