My Homemade Father's Day Cards From 2017

During school last year, my two youngest daughters were tasked with creating Father's Day cards for me.

They came out pretty great...but my youngest had a couple facts wrong.

Here's the card Anna Rose made for me when she was 7 years old.

Let's take a closer look at that last page...I'll type every word as she wrote it and I'll put my thought in bold.....

ALL ABOUT MY DAD By Anna Rose, age 7

My Dad is 41 years old. (Nope)

His hair is blak and his eyes are brown. (She's half right)

My Dad likes to wear nikey. (Correct!)

He loves to eat frot. (What is frot? Is that like fruit?)

He is smart because he knows how to work. (I guess so)

My Dad works hard at the radey stashin. (Yep)

Daddy always tells me god night. (I do)

It makes my Dad happy when I folow drasxsis. (I think this is directions)

If he could go on a trip, he would go basktboll sadeim. (I do enjoy the Rockets!)

and he would take Jeille. (Julie)

I really love it when my Dad heg's me. (Hugs!)

If I could give my Dad anything, it would be a sofboll. (I love softball too)

My favorite thing about my Dad is working hard. (Nice!)


That was a pretty cool card. I love how she spelled the words wrong. She's really trying.

Let's take a look at what my 11 year old daughter Sophia made....

Here's what the note in her card says, as she has written it. I'll put my thoughts in bold....

Well according to my cacultions (calculations) my dad is special. Why? Because he helps us live. One reason is he buys us food we need to live along with water. (This is true. They do get a lot of food and water) We also like to play football together. Most of all we all have movie night & game night. Another reason he is so special is that he is the only dad I ever had that works on the raido! The best part is that he can give shout outs to people. (Yep!) Another reason is that he gets a lot of money. (Nope) He only uses it for things we need to live. Without a doubt my dad is the best dad in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!

My daughter is really appreciative that I let her live. Should I be concerned about that?

I got a real kick out of these cards and I love these kids a bunch.

Have you ever received a homemade gift from your kids? Share a pic in the comments section.

Happy Father's Day!



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