This Mom Had A Fort Bend Teacher On The Hood Of Her Car

This mom in Sugar Land was a little late dropping her daughter off at Dulles Elementary, so she drove around the traffic cones.

Well, this teacher jumped on top of her hood to stop her and it was all recorded.


This story is really dividing people.

Here's my take....

They were both wrong. She shouldn't have driven past the cones and the teacher should not have jumped on the hood.

BUT, I believe this teacher was just protecting the kids. He doesn't know what could be about to happen, but he's going to do anything he can to prevent an incident.

Mom admitted she was wrong for driving past the cones, but her daughter HAD to get to class.

You can read more about what happened and see what Mom says here...and you can see the video here.

Right now, the whole thing is still being investigated, but what do you think?

Should the teacher be punished for his actions?


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