Watch The New Trailer For Venom Here

We're getting a better look at Tom Hardy as Venom in this new trailer.


I grew up reading Spider-Man comics. He was my favorite superhero.

Venom was always one of my favorite villains from his rogues gallery. The "costume" is actually a living symbiote that feeds off the anger of its host.

This symbiote first bonded with Peter Parker, which is why he had a white spider logo on his chest, had "webbing" and the Spidey eyes. Once Peter realized how evil the symbiote was, he got rid of it.

However, that symbiote would eventually bond with Eddie Brock. A guy who despised Peter Parker, thus enraging & empowering the symbiote even more.

I'm curious to see if they use any of that in this movie. Sure doesn't look like it. But, after watching this trailer, I'm officially excited about this movie.

Look for it in theaters October 5th.

You can learn more about it here.


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