We Celebrated Pi Day At The Children's Museum Of Houston

Kids have been enjoying an Xtreme Spring Break at the Children's Museum of Houston all week, and something extra special happened yesterday.

It was Pi day!

We all know Pi from our math classes. Pi is 3.14...which is also March 14th!

Producer Anthony and I were honorary team captains for the big celebratory pie fight!

Sadly, I didn't get a bunch of pictures from the fight itself. I had to have my hands free for proper pie-throwing.

However, NewsFix showed up and got some footage!


The entire pie fight was also featured on our Facebook live. You can watch it below. Scroll to 10:50 to see the action!


We all had a great time and got totally covered in shaving cream!

It was an awesome experience for me & my kids and made for a memorable Spring Break.

You can see more activities at the Children's Museum of Houston by clicking here.


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