Justin Verlander Addresses The Astros Haters

I'm really glad Justin Verlander talked about this.

It seems there are folks who still don't take the Astros seriously. Even after everything they accomplished last season, the player moves they made, and managing to keep the team mostly intact during the offseason...there are still industry professionals who don't believe in Houston.

Well, Justin Verlander has something to say about that....


This whole thing started when Christopher Russo said that the Yankees are the team to beat in 2018....


Yes, the Yankees are good. But, I don't think they're better than the Astros.

Verlander said the exact same thing I was thinking when I heard those statements. The road to the World Series goes through Houston.

Do you think the Astros can be back-to-back World Series champs? Can they repeat in 2018?

I think so.



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