This DJ Said WHAT About Tom Brady's Daughter?!

This has really become quite a story surrounding the Patriots quarterback.

Let me break it down....

WEEI is a sports radio station in Boston. Tom Brady calls in every week to do an interview. So far so good right?

Well, Tom's Facebook documentary called Tom vs. Time just came out.

One of the DJ's on that station didn't seem to care for the first episode and made a poor comment regarding Tom's daughter.

The offending comment comes in about :32....



Now, that is just uncool.

Tom heard the comment and called in, but he kept it short and said he'd think about continuing this business relationship.


That DJ is currently on suspension.

During Super Bowl media day yesterday, Tom said he hopes that DJ doesn't get fired....


Why would that guy use those words to describe a kid being a kid. Unbelievable!

Hard to believe, but some people think that since Tom's a celebrity, him and his family should expect to be criticized.

I say...Tom, sure. Kids, NO! I don't care whose kid it is.

That audio made me so mad. I'm not a Tom Brady fan, but I can respect the guy for being the best quarterback of all time. He's truly talented and he's done well for himself and his family, and he truly loves them and the sport of football.

I'm sure Tom & the Patriots will use this as motivation to play harder in the Super Bowl.


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