The XFL Is Coming Back

Any pro wrestling fan knows that Vince McMahon is the chairman & CEO of the WWE.

The XFL lasted only one season back in 2001. I'll be honest, it wasn't great. It was immature and pure spectacle. However, the XFL was also innovative. The XFL is where we first saw the overhead camera and players wearing microphones. It brought viewers into the huddle and gave football fans something they've never seen before.

Well, the XFL is coming back in two years...


Learning from the mistakes of 2001, Vince promises a better experience this time around.

He says it will be great for families to enjoy, safer for the players, and fun for fans of football.

No cities have been announced yet, but I'm not sure Houston will get a team. I have a feeling most teams will go to cities who lost their NFL franchise like St. Louis, Oakland, San Diego.

Johnny Manziel is pretty excited about this new league...


I'm excited about this announcement. If you never watched the XFL 30 For 30 on ESPN, give it a go. 

I think Vince did indeed learn from all the mistakes of the past. I also think that there a lot of NFL fans who just aren't having fun with the NFL anymore. They're tired of the kneeling, the politics, the controversial calls, the confusing rules, too many commercial breaks.....the XFL is promising to improve on all that stuff.

We'll see.

You can read more about it here.


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