Kelly Ripa Being Called Disrespectful Over Whole30 Segment

Fans of Whole30 are slamming Kelly Ripa for being "obnoxious" during her interview with creator Melissa Hartwig.

Whole30 is a plan Melissa Created in 2009. Simply put, it involves not eating things like grains, dairy, sugar or legumes for 30 days. Aftwards, you re-introduce them to see how they affect your body.

It's specifically branded as an eating plan, not a diet.

People say it's really helped them with digestion, food cravings and concentration.

Here's the video segment from Monday's show...


Fans of Whole30 are saying Kelly was being disrespectful during the segment.

Complaints include how she called it a "diet", eating a Frito when it's an example of what NOT to eat, and making too many jokes.

All the complaints can be read in the comments of this Instagram post....


Do you think Kelly went too far during the interview? Was she disrespectful?

You can read more about it by clicking here and you can find out more about Whole30 here.

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