Grocery Store Worker Sings Christmas Songs To Customers

Listen to this grocery store employee sing Christmas songs to customers....


That is 23 year-old Gilly Assuncao. He works at Russo's in Watertown, Massachusetts.

The store is known for hiring singers & bands to provide music for their customers throughout the year. 

Nobody realized he had such a great singing voice until he helped one of those bands do a sound check.

Last Friday, the store owners daughter heard Gilly singing opera during that soundcheck and he's been doing the gig ever since.


Come to find out, Gilly was a professional singer in Brazil. However, he pretty much gave it up when he moved to the United States two years ago.


That dude has some silky, smooth pipes! 

If you own or manage a grocery store here in the Houston area, highlight your employee's talent this week!

You can read more about Gilly here and you can follow Russo's & see more videos on their Facebook page here.


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