My Daughter Made Me A Birthday Card

My family and I celebrated my birthday over the weekend.

My youngest daughter, Anna Rose, drew me a birthday card!

This is the front...

"Happy Birthday Jay...Love Anna"

I love the hearts, but why did she call me "Jay"? I'm usually "Dad". When I read it out loud, she laughed hysterically.

So let's open it....

Allow me to translate this one...."I will be there with you and Julie to sing Happy Birthday to you. Is Mimi going to be there and Cissy?"

Mimi and Cissy are two of her favorite relatives. She gets so excited whenever they come by.

And now, the back cover....

"I love you Jay"

Again with the Jay thing? This also made her laugh.

I had a great birthday and I love this card.

Do your kids ever call you by your first name? What are some things they've made for you?


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